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Physical activities for disabled people

Our Mission

The mission of AGID (Godinhela Association – Research and Social Development) is to implement research and development projects that support social inclusion, social innovation, and sustainable development. AGID aims to address the diverse needs of vulnerable groups, including marginalized youth, NEETs, black and ethnic minority groups, immigrants, and people with disabilities. By leveraging the expertise of its members, AGID strives to create a more inclusive society through education, training, professional and personal development, and community outreach programs.

Our Values


AGID is committed to promoting inclusivity by working with diverse groups and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to participate in society.


AGID believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships to achieve meaningful and sustainable impact in the field of social inclusion and development.


AGID encourages innovative approaches to address societal challenges and develop effective solutions that improve the lives of vulnerable populations.


AGID aims to empower individuals and communities by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.


AGID is dedicated to delivering high-quality research, development, and evaluation projects that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Daughter and disabled father resting on a bench


  • Education and Literacy Training AGID seeks to develop and implement educational and literacy training programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of vulnerable groups, enabling them to actively participate in society.
  • Professional Development and Experience Programs AGID aims to create opportunities for professional development and hands-on experiences that improve the employability and career prospects of individuals facing social exclusion.
  • Personal Development Programs and Residencies AGID endeavors to provide personal development programs and residencies that foster personal growth, confidence-building, and self-empowerment among vulnerable groups.
  • Outreach and Dissemination Activities AGID strives to raise awareness about social inclusion issues and promote best practices by conducting outreach initiatives, organizing events, and disseminating research findings and project outcomes.
  • Quality Assessment and Evaluation AGID emphasizes the importance of rigorous quality assessment and evaluation methods to ensure the effectiveness and impact of its projects, contributing to evidence-based practices in the field of social inclusion and development.

Through its research and development projects, AGID envisions a society where all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal opportunities for social inclusion, empowerment, and sustainable development.

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MIC-MAC Kick-off Meeting

The partnership met for the Kick-Off meeting in Miranda do Corvo between the 31st October and 1st of november 2022. MIC-MAC is an 18th month project that enhances the media and information literacy skills of educators who work with vulnerable learners.

MYSTIC Kick-Off Meeting

The partnership met for the Kick-Off meeting in Athens between the 23rd and 24th of January 2023. This project of Mobilising Youth and Youth Service Talent through Immersive Co-design will consist of designing training courses and organising events for youth workers, and volunteers along with youth with fewer opportunities to co-design workshops and Co-Labs for future Community Leaders! This project will run for 2 years.